A Green Adventure

Those Who Inspired Bartholemew A Green Adventure

My daughter, Shannon

It all began in 2001 when one sunny day in July, I took my daughter Shannon, and her friend to a waterfront park.  As I sat on a bench the girls played behind me.  My daughters friend had found a caterpillar and was stabbing it with a twig.  My daughter protested and said "Don't hurt the caterpillar!".  I was so proud of her that day and that night when I returned home, somehow those words resonated in me and I began to write a short story called "Bartholemew" about a caterpillar of the same name.  Years later I adapted this 10 page short story into a TV series called "Bartholemew A Green Adventure".

Al Gore

I applaud Al Gore's courage to travel the world to share his message.  I hope to follow in his footsteps and share my message with the children of the world!


Bob Doyle

I also want to thank Author, Bob Doyle who appeared on the movie "The Secret" who encouraged me on a recent webcast to share my dream of "Bartholemew A Green Adventure" with the world!


Carl Stedmond

My dear friend who inspired me to follow my dream as I watched him follow his!


J K Rowling

Her story of struggle to success inspires me and keeps me going!


Walt Disney

His quote also keeps me moving ahead!  He said" If you can dream it, you can do it"!  I dreamed it, and I am ready to do it!