A Green Adventure

Bartholmew-An Animated Series Created by Suzanne Edwards 


Bartholemew is a very timely international show with a strong environmental theme (kind of like an “Inconvenient Truth” for children) about an adventurous and friendly, yet naïve caterpillar of the same name. Surrounded by a cast of colorful friends and foes including two young children named Hillary and Ray, this show delves into such entertaining devices as character conflict and resolution, humor and touching stories that may at times have a real-world significance (i.e., environmental (global warming), cross-cultural and societal)."


"The exposure to faraway geographic destinations will provide an entertaining and engaging experience for children who have only heard of these places"

Author and Poet, Suzanne Edwards


Suzanne was born in the Maritime provinces of Canada where she recalls fond memories of writing at her family cottage. Even then, her writings reflected a compassion for animals and the environment.

She is a 40 year-old Social Worker who has enriched the lives of many as a : Mental Health Counselor and Teacher/Assessor for developmentally at- risk children.  Currently she resides in the Niagara Region of Ontario Canada.  Suzanne has been published in several newspapers and magazines and is a Member of the Writer's Guild of America.  She is also a freelance writer with a compilation of over 200 poems.  

She is a vegetarian and animal activist holding Membership in various animal welfare organizations.  

Suzanne, however, merits her daughter Shannon for inspiring her to write her most compelling work to date, Bartholemew- a Green Adventure.

 Illustrator, Robin C. Grant

Robin has been working in the design field for the past 15 years, first as a freelance designer and presently Robin holds the position of Creative Director for TMD Associates Inc. in Fresno California. Robin is responsible for assuming a wide variety of computer graphics tasks: digital artwork, web graphics, training software layout and design, newsletter design, slide show templates, clipart and digital imaging. product packaging, web design, custom illustration and a variety of print for educational and promotional materials for TMD clients. In addition he holds a Bachelors in Multi-Media Communications as well as a Masters degree in Instructional Design that compliments his Multi-Media Degree. Robin currently lives in Fresno California.
Illustrator, Brittaney Chassie
Brittaney created the sub characters that can be found by clicking the sub characters tab above.

Co-writer, Jamie Campbell

Malcolm James is the author of the romantic thriller, "the House that Jack Built." He is directly related to Lucy Maude Montgomery (the acclaimed author of the "Anne of Green Gables" series). Formerly a Publisher, Editor, Teacher and Entrepreneur.  His current body of work includes six novels (four in progress), over 200 poems, 15 short stories, 2 plays, and a variety of other scribblings.

The central character of this show, Bartholemew is a young, adventurous and yet naïve Monarch Caterpillar. Appearing worn and haggard from his journeys, he touts a tattered fedora and a hobo stick on his shoulder. This colorful creature has been ejected from the comfort and safety of his childhood home and forced to wander the world in search of an answer. The answer, unbeknownst to him, is twofold: his ultimate transformation into the king of the insect world, the Monarch butterfly. As well as realizing his destiny to succeed grandpa monarch as the defender and ruler of the Opal forest.

 Bartholemew is gentle and far too trusting, which gets him into trouble on a regular basis. In the pilot episode, he befriends the Evil Zeppa, only to find out that Zeppa has stolen his ability to morph. Fortunately, his trustworthy nature helps him to make true friends, such as the gentle and unassuming Ray.

 Through his trials and tribulations in the show, Bartholemew grows as a person and without realizing it, learns to break Zeppa’s spell until he is ready to become the thing he always wanted - a butterfly



 Ray is the shy, kindly boy who befriends Bartholemew in the Pilot Episode. An introverted child who is the youngest of two children, he constantly feels out of place within his family circle, and his unassuming nature is a constant source of bullying and non-acceptance within his peer group.


Unlike his flamboyant and spoiled sister Hillary, Ray is very understated in his dress, his mannerisms and his personality. He is most at peace escaping from the oft-cruel world, lost in the pages of a book, and his primary goal in life is to author books. He carries a journal with him wherever he goes and when not interacting with Bartholemew, he is often found capturing his innermost thoughts and dreams there.


The synergistic and often symbiotic relationship between Bartholemew and Ray are a prominent theme in the show. The two can not only relate on levels heretofore unknown to each of them; they are unwittingly in search of the same undiscovered jewel: acceptance.  Ray also filters environmental information from his father, Dr. Fairweather to Bartholomew.  It is through this medium  primarily that Bartholomew realizes that signs of pollution existed in his own home in the Opal forest, something he was not privy to when he lived there.




 Hillary is the spoiled, self-centred sister of Bartholemew’s best friend, Ray. A cruel and egotistical child who lavishes herself in the material things which her rich parents give her to placate her, she has little, if any, regard for other people’s feelings. She is interested only in getting her way, and pretentiously flaunts the latest Paris runway fashions that are her reward for her grudging compliance (not obedience).


 Her cruelty to people, animals and insects - particularly to Bartholemew - are the highlight of her dramatic role in this tale. However, as the show progresses, we see lessons which stick with her, mostly through humiliation or hard-knock lessons. This helps to develop her persona as someone who can grow, change, and learn to respect others. But not without work!  A most surprising twist is when Hillary, the last person we would expect to help anyone, especially Bartholomew, ventures alone to join her brother Ray and Bartholomew in an environmental crusade against Zeppa in an attempt to regain the Opal forest and bring it back to it’s true glory.




 Zeppa is the evil Sorceror of the Onyx Forest. This hideous black slug is the antagonist of the show, and from the pilot on, is Bartholemew’s arch foe. having stolen Bartholemew’s ability to transform into a Butterfly, Zeppa frequently pops up in subsequent episodes to continue to extract his will and hamper our protagonist’s ability to become what he desires most.


Zeppa is ill-tempered, impatient, power-hungry and egomaniacal. His ultimate goal is to absorb as much energy from the benevolent creatures which occupy the forest as well as purposefully pollute the Opal forest, in order to exact his plan to become omnipotent – the ruler of all that he surveys.



Dr. Fairweather

Dr. Fairweather is a world renowned environmental scientist and father of both Hillary and Ray.  It is through his expeditions around the globe that Bartholemew learns that not only is the planet in peril, so is his benevolent Opal Forest.



Eagle Eye

This majestic, keen-eyed Red -Tailed hawk is Bartholemew’s best friend and savior.  This unlikely duo forms a special friendship in spite of their natural urges to do otherwise.  The fact that Bartholemew eats milkweed plants (which are poisonous to hawks) makes him undesirable prey for Eagle Eye.  This intelligent bird of prey is often seen hunting or perching, waiting for Bartholemew’s calls for help.  It is with Eagle Eye’s help that Bartholemew is rescued from the Onyx forest and brought to safety at the “Border of Safe passage” where his adventure into the human world begins.



Senator SlickShady

Senator SlickShady is a devious, crooked US Senator who continuously underminds Dr. Fairweather’s attempts at exposing companies who are knowingly polluting the environment.   This antagonist is more concerned with making a buck and protecting his political interests, rather than the implications of what these multinational companies are having on the environment.




Grandpa Monarch

Grandpa Monarch is the sagely old patriarch of Bartholemew’s family. A nurturer who is wise to the ways of the world, he encourages Bartholemew to leave the safety of his childhood home in search of his identity.


Grandpa Monarch is a stately yet frail Monarch Butterfly and essentially takes on the role as King of Insects. He is not a central character, but does appear at times when Bartholemew is most in need of his guidance and tutelage.



Wilhelmina Webwalker

Wilhelmina is a kindly old Black Widow spider who represents Bartholemew’s conscience and lack of worldly wisdom. A matronly old creature who was once the most feared predator in the insect kingdom, she now has more experience than knowledge, her constant lecturing of Bartholemew is the guiding compass which helps to redirect his often brash and unconsidered decisions. She is Bartholemew’s sage.


Wilhelmina is very attuned to Bartholemew’s plight, as she has suffered from poor choices and continued obstacles in her own life. She understands the foolishness of youth and yet tempers her advice with a sadness that has been gained by her own lack of meaningful friendships. For, after all, she is a spider and therefore, a most feared creature in the insect world. And of course, as a Black Widow, she’s often asked about what happened to her ex-husbands, to which she is always cryptic and evasive.



Bartholemew's Green Adventure has also been adapted to an Arabic theme as well, called Nav's Green Adventure.  The storyline is almost identical but will focus more from an Arabic perspective and be based more in Arabic speaking regions as the choice settings(as opposed to North America).  Since the Arabic world is very progressive in their green technologies it only seemed fitting to also create this cartoon for Arabic children to also enjoy!